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Spectrophotometer CM-2600d Accessories(옵션포함)

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Color Measurement


  Zero Calibration Box CM-A32 with Case
Used to perform zero calibration
  Hard Case CM-A148
Can be used for storing the CM-2600d/CM-2500d and the standard accessories
  White Cal Plate CM-A145 (with a 3.5" FD)
Calibration plate comes with complete sheet of data and calibration files disc
  Target Mask 8 mm CM-A146
Medium target mask, 8mm
  Target Mask 3 mm CM-A147
Small target mask, 3mm (AA batteries (4 pcs) (4 AA batteries to use when AC adapter is not available)
  RS-232C Cable (2m) IF-A16
2 meter communication cable for computer
  AC-Adapter AC-A17 ( 100-120 V)
Supplies power from an AC outlet to the instrument. Input 100 Vac ( 50-60Hz) Output Voltage 5Vdc Current 2.8A (max)
  Dust Cover Set CM-A149
Used when measuring powder or wet surfaces. It can be used when woven fabric needs to be laid flat and measured
  Dust Cover CM-A152
Vinyl replacement for dust cover set
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